Street Teams

Street Team Set Up

This service includes just the set up of a street team. We will provide the Facebook group and a sign up. Members will be added to the group along with the Rules and Mission Statement files. Once this is completed, it will be the author’s responsibility to maintain the team.

Social Media Director
The Social Media Director will be responsible for your street team on Facebook. Their tasks will be to give the team members assignments each week.
Examples of these assignments are as follows:
 *Post book links for the team to share on Facebook
 *Ask a question to encourage conversation
 *Post a book for the team to add to their Goodreads library
 *Getting books on goodreads list and moving them up the lists
 *Any other creative ways for the group to stay active and exciting
Some other things they may do are as follows:
Various links will be posted in the team and asked to be shared. Ex: If you or your books are up for an award, the book is free for a short time, you are involved in a blog tour, contest, or interview or anything similar.
They will also do fun things like trivia, release day countdowns, flash contests, pictures of books, swag, etc in public and other contests to help promote you and your books and offer rewards for the members’ hard work.  If you are interested in doing a contest within the street team, the social media director will help to organize that and follow through with a winner.
Please contact Silkhaven for exact pricing.

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