1) What exactly does Silkhaven Publishing do?

The simple answer to this questions, is just about anything an author needs to free up their time. If you need help with a task, just ask, we will let you know if we can help.

2) Are service charged monthly, per book, or task oriented?

Any of the above.

3) Why should I purchase a book promotion package?

Book promotion packages help to get your book into the public’s eye and to inform everyone that your book is available. There are A LOT of books out there in the romance genre therefore readers have a lot of options. If readers see your book on their favorite blogs or see positive reviews about your book, they are more likely to buy it. If you give them a little teaser, they are going to want to buy the book to get the rest. Getting you to “visit” blogs and talk about yourself, your books, and your writing experiences will make the readers feel more connected to you.  If they feel close to you as an author and feel like you care about them they are more likely to support you buy buying your book.

4) What is a street team and how will it benefit me as an author?

A street team is a group of readers that promote for you. I compare them to fan clubs. They allow you to constantly be in the public’s eye even when you are in your cave. They post on social sites, talk to their friends and family, and sometimes random people they meet on the bus, at the coffee shop, or at the bookstore, and they hand out promo (bookmarks, romance trading cards, postcards, etc) to those people. The benefit to you is, like stated above, you can concentrate on writing and not marketing. The benefits to the readers, they get inside information, first glimpses at covers and excerpts, and a chance to chat with their favorite authors. The authors also benefit because they have a support group. People that will help them through a tough scene, name a character, ect. Most readers love to help out in any way they can and are happy to spread the love.

5) Do you offer blog advertising?

I personally do not but I have information on other blogs that do. If you are interested, please ask for more information.

6) How does Silkhaven Publishing invoice and what payments types are accepted? 

For monthly clients, invoices are sent via email the first week of the month. For promotional clients, invoices are sent via email when service is complete.  Payments that are accepted are Paypal. The email for Paypal is payments@silkhavenpublishing.com.
* Paypal fees are the responsibility of the author or person paying

7) How do the personal assistant services work?

This is an as needed services and will be prices based on what service(s) are needed and how much time it will take to complete the task. We can set this up for a specific task that happens each month or just once and a while.

8) What is a book tour?

A book tour can be scheduled for either 5 days or 10 days. This is when a book goes on tour at various blogs. I will schedule up to 3 blogs per day and each blog will post the book cover, blurb, excerpt, buy links, and author information.

*Providing book information for each blog
*Tour Image
*Posting on Facebook and twitter each day of the tour
*Follow up on any prizes and contacting winners

9) What is a launch party?

A launch party is a release day event but can be used for any one day event, birthday, anniversary, etc. The event will take place on the ‘host’ author’s blog (if one is not available, my site will be the host site) Typcially these run for 8-10 hours throughout the day. Starting at 8:00 am CST the host author will have another author visit their blog each hour. Each author will bring book information and a giveaway. All posts will be scheduled in advance and will post on various Facebook groups/pages and twitter.

How does this help me as the host author?

Cross promotion is very helpful in the romance industry. Readers are prone to following thier favorite authors and love to learn about new authors. When an author is involved in an event like this, they bring thier readers in, therfore you, as the host author get more eyes on your book.

10) What are other events that you offer? 

I offer a few one day events for book promotions, cover reveals, release day spotlight, and pre-order blitz. Each of these events run the same way. I send out an invite to a list of blogs and have the book cover, blurb, excerpt, buy/pre-order links, and the author information put on as many blogs as possible for one day.

11) Should I offer a prize?

Yes, you should offer a prize. I strongly recommend adding a prize to any of the promotional activities above. This encourages reader participation.

12) As an author, why do I need my own Web site?

Because readers, booksellers, and the media expect you to have one. You’re at a terrible disadvantage if you don’t embrace the Web and use it to its maximum potential. You need a strong Web site. Period.

13) How easy is it to update a site?

Very!  Our sites are built on the WordPress content management platform. If you can move a mouse, chances are you can update your site. We provide full training so you’re able to easily text, images, and multimedia elements. Plus, if you have questions we’re here to help!

14) I am an existing client and have a question about my site or service, where can I get assistance?

Fill out our contact form on this site, call our toll free number, email support@silkhavenpublishing.com, or PM us on any of our social media sites.

15) If I can’t afford a professionally-designed site, what’s the best alternative?

The Author’s Guild has basic template sites at a bargain price. That’s www.authorsguild.net.

16) If I have a Web site, do I need a blog?

Blogs are critical tools for outreach. If someone links to a blog entry, and someone else links to the second person’s blog entry, and so forth, you get a “viral” effect and increase your exposure in the blogosphere. Using keywords and tags on your blog entries also increases the chances of someone discovering your blog, and hence, your site. One BIG caveat: blogs are fabulous tools if used properly and regularly (at least once a week). If you write one or two blog entries and then stop, you’ll have wasted your time. The “blogosphere” is littered with the empty or near empty carcasses of blogs from well-intentioned authors who simply didn’t have the time to create entries, or wrote one or two, didn’t see immediate results, got discouraged and gave up. Be honest with yourself; if you don’t have the time and can’t make a commitment, don’t blog. You’ll probably wind up just asking us to remove the blog from your site, and you’ll incur unnecessary costs.

17) Isn’t it better to work with a local company — can you really work long-distance with a Web firm?

Welcome to the boundary-less digital world, where you buy products and services from companies across the globe. We have clients living in major cities around the world (and a handful that live nearby). We communicate via email, telephone, and Skype. We use the Web and email to collect their copy and photos, and to display designs and prototypes. While we love getting together for lunch, coffee, or drinks with clients when they come to town, those offline occasions are almost always social; the real work happens over the wires. If not being able to get to our offices for face-to-face work is a deal breaker, then you shouldn’t hire us.

18) My current site needs “sprucing up” — can you retrofit it so it’s more exciting?

Good creative design is part of a site’s DNA; when you do “genetic re-engineering” on a Web site, you usually wind up with a hybrid monster. Small touches usually have little or no effect on the site. Do it right. Start from scratch.

19) Once you build a site for me, how often does it need to be changed?

When it comes to Web sites, there are two types of change: routine change and transformational. Routine change is the day to day stuff— new blurbs, awards, events, the issuing of a new paperback edition of a title, a new book, new articles—the list goes on.

Transformation is about a total overhaul. Some authors routinely ditch their sites every two or three years; they wake up one morning and realize they’re no longer in love with their online image, and lust for a new look. Others are perfectly happy with their sites and keep them as is for many years. It all comes down to these questions. Does your site reflect who you are? Are you still satisfied with the look and feel? Does your site look contemporary or is it starting to look dated, even long in the tooth? And does it take advantage of the latest technology so that it offers a great user experience? Your answers, along with your time and resources, will dictate when it’s time to go back to the digital drawing board.

If there are any questions that you have that have not been addressed here, feel free to  contact us and we will do my best to get you answers.

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