Cover Creation

Readers do judge books by their covers. Give your must-read book the cover it deserves!

All covers include (1) author’s name (2) title of the book.

Additional information available at no cost: (1) Series title (2) Accolade (such as ‘Prize Winning’ or ‘USA Best Seller’, etc)

eBook cover

  • – Size 1600×2400 pixels for Smashwords
  • – Size 600×900 pixels for ebook retailers
  • – thumbnail images

If author supplies images for the cover:

(1) image cover cost is $50

(2) images cover cost is $75

(3) images cover cost is $90

If Silkhaven Publishing is to provide images, there will be an additional cost of $75 per image.

Paperback/Hardback Cover

  • Cover can be created any size depending upon book size needed (e.g. 8×5, 10×12, etc)
  • Thumbnail image of front provided
  • Front, spine, and back cover will be created.
  • Book title and author name will appear on spine depending if there is enough room.
  • Front cover may have up to three images, title, author name, series name, accolades.
  • Back cover may contain image, book blurb, website links, ISBN and price bar.

Cost is $395


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